Thank you to the friends, family and past clients who contacted me to request a referral for their real estate needs or for those of their friends and family. In June I was presented with an award for outgoing referrals for 2017 and I am really proud that I had a number of successful referrals in 2018, too!

real estate referrals

William Raveis Real Estate is local but we are also international! I can refer to Agents worldwide! If you have any questions about how relocation or referral recommendations work, contact me! I am happy to explain the process,*

If you have questions or need a referral to a Real Estate Agent near you – contact me!

*Commission agreements for relocation/referrals are contracted by the co-operating Brokers and the Referral network they are participating in; the compensation agreements are not something negotiated at an Agent level.

Real Estate Referral Award
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